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The Boons of Experimentation.

Oh far we have come!

As work life continues, I am continually amazed by how my previous experiences inform my present activities.

Taking the example of this blog, the simple act of writing and having an address on the Internet has taught me many things that I continue to use at work today.

  • I know about Omniture tracking and web analytics because I use Google Analytics to track my site statistics.
  • I know about Search because I need to write with Search Engine Optimisation in mind to make sure that my content reaches out to the right people
  • I know about display banner advertising because I am a publisher that allows Google ads on my blog
  • I know about the importance of mobile optimisation because Google penalises me for not having a site that is mobile-friendly
  • I know about Social Media because I used it to reach a bigger base for my articles. I also know what I love sharing and what flies past my head
  • And many, many more…

What is interesting and amazing to me is that I did not set out to learn these things.  They just sort of came with the territory.  I’m sure many professional bloggers out there can attest to this.

Why am I writing about this? Read more

Prevalent pain points for eCommerce

It feels good to finally be able to work on a laptop again!  The past few days has been hell.  I never thought how restless I would be without my device of choice.  Somehow a tablet or a smart phone just cannot replicate the tactile feeling of typing and seeing things on a screen for me.  Is this a sign of inadaptibility that I used to see in older folks?

My 5 year old MacBook Pro recently died an untimely death due to an unfortunate spillage accident.  I was lucky that only the motherboard was fried, but my hard disk drive was left fortunately unscathed.  As such, I managed to get back all my data and some system applications as well. Looks like I’m not going to give up on design as yet! Read more

BB 23rd Singapore Company Poster

Poster Design: BB 23rd Singapore Company

BB 23rd Singapore Company Poster

It has been a long time since I last designed anything. More than 9 months, to be exact.

Since I started work, I have not managed to find enough time to carry on this interest of mine.  At the same time, there was intentional effort in distancing myself from design.  I reasoned that since this was not going to be a key focus in my career, and also since I am honestly not the best or even among the very good out there, I might as well just not do it at all.

Well, this particular project changed that mindset and reminded me of why I started dabbling in design in the first place. Read more

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