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The Fallacy of the Perfect Picture

I celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday.  The day was spent with my oldest friends over food and mahjong, and it was also spent reflecting on my life this past 26 years.  Looking back, I thank God for His blessings in my life and the friends and family who have been with me every step of […]

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Identity Design: Yoga in the Citi

Yoga in the Citi is a mass yoga event planned by Citibank as a part of their corporate celebrations for International Women’s Day. I was brought in to help with the branding of the event, including coming up with the event title and identity. The Brief The brief included coming up with an idea for […]

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The Importance of Internships

Last Friday marked the very last day of internship for me, EVER. (okay, I might still have internships when I do my MBA, but you get what I mean right?).  I have just completed my Marketing Analytics internship (more on that in a future post!) with Mondelēz last week, and I have been on a […]

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It’s that time of the year again where we make promises to ourselves and hope we keep them. I decided that I had to find time to write this post no matter what because it’s really important to set goals for yourself! That’s the only way you can see if you have grown over the […]

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A breather.

Finally, a breather. Apologies to readers for my lack of updates these few months. My final semester turned out to be a lot more taxing than I envisioned it would be. I guess I took up a little too much for my own good… In the space between my last post in July and now, […]

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How I Survived This Past Week

It has been an eventful past week for this author. If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you would know by now that my hard disk drive crashed. It was also the reason why there was no THE SATURDAY BRIEF last week. I managed to retrieve the data that was left in the drive, […]

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My MBP is dead. Long Live My MBP!

My MBP finally died on me yesterday night after 4 years. I had recently changed its batteries but now even the hard disk drive decided to fail on me. I’m going to try to recover whatever data I have in there, but until then, I won’t be able to blog much… Can’t believe it happened!! […]

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Singtel pits Gordon Ramsay against Singaporean hawkers

UPDATE: Gordon Ramsay 1, Hawker Heroes 2. Ramsay hails Singaporean street food as being better than Michelin star restaurants. Watch what he says at the end of the post. Gordon Ramsay is causing all sorts of buzz in Singaporean hawker centres this weekend. Invited by Singtel, Ramsay will face off three top hawkers who were voted in by […]

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Here’s some marketing news that you might have missed this week on The Saturday Brief. It looks like there are […]

Until I get there.

I have been interning in Estee Lauder Companies now for 7 weeks now.  This time has given me a taste […]


It’s been a slow-going week in terms of Marketing news. With the haze situation dying down and the hail a […]

Oreo: The brand that chases the news

How is everyone this lovely Friday?  It’s been a busy week for this author, and hence quite quiet here at […]


It’s that time of the week again, for THE SATURDAY BRIEF! Time passes really fast doesn’t it? While we are […]

Haze Prompts Creativity From Companies in Singapore


**Edit (June 22, 2013): Added Starhub to the list! The PSI Index has hit a high of 371 in Singapore […]