A Pretty Frivolous Foray.

Pretty FrivolousA logo design gig turned partnership, Pretty Frivolous is the brain child of a dear friend of mine from University.  She has always had a passion for beautiful stationery and wanted to find a way to make them on her own.

The logo was designed to look like a round stamp, with dotted lines reminiscent of perforated lines.  Pretty Frivolous is about good design at an affordable price and I wanted to give a more refined look to it.  What better way than a classic serif font like Georgia?  It was used as the main typeface because of its elegance and flexibility, and how it feels fun yet pretty serious at the same time.

I was approached to help out with the cards, and our partnership was born.  To be honest, it is very exciting for me to be able to see my work produced and sold.  Although painfully aware of my shortfall of talent, I hope you would like the designs!

Pretty Frivolous Cards

Launching its very first collection in time for Valentine’s Day, Pretty Frivolous brings you quirky cards that for your loved ones.  If you are tired of straight-laced cards, or simply want to see a smile on your partner’s face, go ahead and buy a PF card!

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