Have a Pretty Frivolous V Day!

Pretty Frivolous
Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all!

It’s been a hectic few weeks for me. We just managed to push out our cards a few days before Chinese New Year at Pretty Frivolous and we had to take a break because of the holidays. Kicking into high gear tomorrow since it’s the big V Day!  It’s going to be quite exciting to see if more people would buy from our booth at NUS Business School.

Sales on a whole has been rather encouraging.  We managed to break even within a few days of sales, and people have come forward to tell us how much they liked our designs.  Personally it’s been an exciting journey because this is the first time I am converting my designs into merchandise.  Yes, it’s true that there wasn’t much ‘effects’ going into the design, but I believe our unique selling point is in the fact that the cards are quirky and say more than your typical cards.

This experience has also exposed me to the practical considerations in running a business and forward plans that we have had to consider to steer the business forward.  Things I would not have thought of if I did not have a business of my own.

At the same time, I also learnt the importance of talking to people and spreading the word about my products.  In the past, I used to be more reserved in talking to people and shy away from promoting my stuff, even this blog.  For this project, I was really keen on telling the world because it was something that I really thought would benefit others, and something I am really proud of as well.  I guess that shone through to others as well.  It was really exciting for me to see Ettusais share our site on their Facebook because it was a recognition of our efforts and was a direct result of people sharing about us.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 6.01.31 PM
Ettusais’ Facebook post about Pretty Frivolous

Really excited to see where we would go from here! I’m hoping that we will be able to get better responses for our next collection, and perhaps attract even more customers to check us out. =)

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