Projections: A Photo-Trail

As mentioned in an earlier post, I volunteered to facilitate the Photo Interest Group for my residential college this semester.  As a culmination of the Artist-in-Residence programme, we organized a night photo-trail of all photographers’ works.

The format of the photo-trail was unique because we used light projections rather than printing out the photographs.  The different medium meant that photographers had to make sure that their photographs had a stronger narrative.  For me, I chose to take photographs of how a typical day in my residential college would be like, from rising to sleep.

The organization of the event itself also brought many lessons.  I had to singlehandedly source the projectors, the logistics and the refreshments for the event, on top of getting suitable locations and making sure that the event was weather-proof.  It was amazing when the event ran smoothly and I got to see all that effort come to fruition and the photographers happy with the end product.  I guess ultimately the satisfaction overshadows any difficulties.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly in the programme, and I hope we would be able continue it in some in the future.

Now without further ado, enjoy my set:

Meaning behind the photoset

“Well, here at last, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship. Go in peace! I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.”
Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings

We remember places, but places cannot hold the memories of our lives lived together. We remember people, but they are not who they once were a second ago. We often hurry from one thing to another, ticking off an imaginary list of collectible experiences in our heads, only to realize at the point when we have to leave, that we can never fully live what once was ever again.

This set is about leaving. It is about remembering. It is about taking time to ponder the things that we have done and why we do them.

As I prepare to leave the Angsana — and I refuse to call it the College of Alice and Peter Tan because it has never endeared itself to me and I would never remember it as so – the memories that I take with me are ironically the most mundane. The slippers that Arjun leaves out whenever he showers. The dinners I have had with my neighbours. The countless hours spent in the lounge just doing my work and chatting with friends. These drips of memories make up an ocean of affection for this College I came to know too late in my varsity life.

But it is about remembering. Remembering the circumstances of our acquaintance, for we can never capture it again. Remembering the places that environed the relationships that were built. And realizing that these times are special because they are fleeting and transient and can never come to pass again in my life.

Therefore it is ultimately really about reflecting and pondering and treasuring and embracing the time that I have had both College and in University. The spaces cannot hold memories, but act as reminders of the past. The people are gone, but yet are eternal in my mind. The experiences can never be relived but flavour all future adventures because of the color it has brought to a life can often seem dry.

So the next time you are studying in your lounge or eating with your neighbours, just remember to savour and to lock in that picture into your memory. Not because of carpe diem or momento mori but because each drip adds and flavours you.

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