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The PSI Index has hit a high of 371 in Singapore today.  Even as the rest of the country post increasingly hazy shots of their country, businesses are coming up with creative ways of making the most out of #SGHaze.  Here’s some that I got off Facebook:

1. Oreo
As the company which more or less pioneered “real-time marketing” with its successful “Dunk In The Dark” campaign in the American Superbowl, it is not surprising that Oreo is one of the first brands to come up with a social media response to the #SGHaze.  Check out their gas mask with Oreo stuffing.


Oreo Face Mask

2. Cadbury Dairy Milk
Sister brand of Oreo, Cadbury has also come up with an interesting post on its Facebook page that is relevant to the haze.  What I felt would have been a real coup would have been for them to really put this in the papers.  After all, we all know how effective the newspapers are for the Singapore market.  It would have had a much greater reach!

Cadbury Hazelnut Chocolate

Cadbury Hazelnut Chocolate

3. Costa Coffee
Costa Coffee advices us to keep our masks on and come indoors for a cup of coffee with their interesting mask coffee art.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

4. Scoot
Scoot thinks we should just fly out of Singapore to avoid the the haze altogether with their low fares to different locations around the region. Well, we all know where we don’t want to fly to, don’t we? Not after they called us childish!


What The Fog

5. Adidas
My favourite, and one of the earliest to come up with any sort of response, is Adidas’ “Go All In(doors)” advisory on their Facebook page.  I love how their tagline is embedded, and how it gives an added meaning.  Parentheses are pretty overused after (RED) campaigns, but this is just right.

Go All Indoors

Go All In(doors)

6. Physical ABuse
Local gym Physical ABuse has also decided to alleviate the pain of not being able to be out and about in the horrible weather.  They are offering free gym access until PSI levels are stabilised.  Of course, we have no idea what “stabilised” means.  I hope they mean “back to normal levels”.

Free Gym

Free Gym Access

7. LifeOpp
Job-matching community LifeOpp has taken it one step further and gave out free face masks to locals at different malls around Singapore.  Definitely a good way to boost awareness of the company.  I do hope that they somehow managed to brand those masks though.  Otherwise the mileage of this campaign would be limited.


LifeOpp gives out free face masks

8. McDonald’s Peak Sauce Index
Looking at how high the PSI really is, McD’s approach is fast lousy its humour, in my opinion.  Then again, the new Wasabi and Honey Mustard sauce might offer sweet respite from our smokey woes.

What is truly laudable about McDonald’s is that it has decided to suspend McDeliveries because of the haze to protect its delivery riders.  It’s one of the very first companies to do so today.

McDonald's Peak Sauce Index

McDonald’s Peak Sauce Index

McDelivery is halting until further notice

McDelivery is halting until further notice

Since McDonald’s move, other companies have also followed suit.  Amongst them, competitor KFC: 

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 9.02.43 PM

 As you can see, most Singaporeans are approving of such moves.  Most are of the opinion that employee well-being is more important than the sales that these companies might lose.

The #SGHaze has become an excellent platform for brands to show that they care, and to show how their brands are relevant and fit into the lives of consumers.


9. Starhub Offers Free Previews
Reader Tan Teck Heng has shared Starhub’s Facebook post as well.  They are offering free TV previews for those of us staying at home!

Starhub offers Free Previews

Starhub offers Free Previews

How did you like their attempts?  What’s your favourite?  Tell me more at the comments!

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