The Saturday Brief
It’s that time of the week again, for THE SATURDAY BRIEF! Time passes really fast doesn’t it?

While we are enduring the haze here in Singapore, let’s take a quick look at what we missed in Marketing news around the world this week.


1. Haze Prompts Creativity From Companies in Singapore

This week was all about the haze, haze, and more haze. From Singapore at least. Find out what companies are doing to capitalize on the bad weather in order to build their brands or to sell their wares (the latter is probably a bad idea, frankly).


2. Apple Finds Its Footing Again With Evocative Film About Third-Party iOS Apps
Ad Freak

Apple shows consumers what its iPad can do with a long-form video. It’s not about selling more, it’s about meaning more.


3. On Heels Of Countless Famous Collaborations, Converse Launches “The Simpsons” Sneakers

We are seeking more and more collaborations across brands, both from onscreen and off.  The Simpsons are coming alive in your Converse sneakers this time.  Isn’t it ironic how this is kind of a reverse product placement?


4. Researchers Explain How Brands Make You Fall In Love
FastCo Create

Now we can finally find out why we can’t get enough of Coke!


5. Microsoft To Reverse Xbox One Policies After Fan Revolt

About time! Microsoft is going to allow you to play games from your friends, and without an Internet connection too.  I guess there are only very few brands who can pretend the competition doesn’t exist, and get away with it.


6. P&G Hosts Massive Everyday Effect Giveaway Event in New York City
Brand Channel

I would be uncomfortable with this normally because I always thought the idea of a House of Brands approach was to make lessen the power of the corporate brand.  In this case, however, P&G did a great job in showing New Yorkers how its products improve their every day lives.  They need that awareness too, seeing how they didn’t do too well last year.  Now, COME TO SINGAPORE!


7. Apple Wants to Drive Future of Infotainment, but Will Car Brands Move Over?
Brand Channel

Never one for standing still, Apple now wants to own the car infotainment market. Would auto companies let it? From what we read from Ford, it seems that most consumers still prefer traditional knobs and dials over touchscreens in their cars. We’ll see how this goes, Apple.


8. At Cannes, Brands Find Themselves Redefining the Boundaries of Advertising
Brand Channel

It was the Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity last week! If you missed out, check out this summary from Brand Channel. Also, you can go to the Cannes’ Lion website to find out more about the amazing campaigns! Advertising never looked less itself.


9. Introducing Video on Instagram

Now all the selfies and food shots would be able to move… erm. Yay? But honestly, this is a better offering than Vine, I feel. By virtue of the fact that it is built to be shared on an existing platform. Not much of a stretch to use it.


10. Transgender Marketing: 12 Campaigns That Defy Sexual Stereotyping

Interesting look at how marketing has evolved. We are no longer “targeting” traditional segments. With big data and social media, more of these will follow,where we break down stereotypes.

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