How I Survived This Past Week

It has been an eventful past week for this author.

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you would know by now that my hard disk drive crashed. It was also the reason why there was no THE SATURDAY BRIEF last week.

I managed to retrieve the data that was left in the drive, and got myself a new Solid-state drive to replace the old one. So far, it’s been working great. In fact, my MacBook Pro’s performance seems to have improved since the installation of the new drive.

The only problem I face now is the need to get back all the software that I have lost. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original installation discs for Adobe Creative Suite, which means that work for Pretty Frivolous has come to a standstill. I really hope I can find some sort of solution to this soon!

On other news, this website got hacked. I have no idea why anyone would want to hack into this site, seeing how I provide no political leverage nor audience reach. With that said, it was a lesson learnt for me, and I have since boosted security by using longer passwords and installing plugins to prevent it from happening again.

On the work front, this week would be my last week at my internship, and a lot of time was spent getting ready reports and preparing my business project for presentation. I am fairly confident of the content, so I hope everything goes well come Monday!

It has been a truly enjoyable internship at Estee Lauder Companies. The people are awesome and friendly, and I learnt a heck of a lot at my CRM role this past 10 weeks.

My supervisor was very conscientious in making sure that I learn as much as possible, so I think I have a very clear idea of how CRM fit into the Marketing function of an FMCG now. In fact, I am going to write a 101 on CRM soon!

Besides the learning, the culture has been great. ELC is a company that prides itself on “high-touch”, and “Bringing the Best to Everyone We Touch”. That really shows through in the internal corporate culture, where everyone is like family. The monthly recreational activities really helped us to mix around with people from other departments as well.

It’s a pity that the internship had to end so soon. I will enjoy what time I have left with ELC!


  1. Dixin says

    Hi, I am Dixin, a Singaporean studying Business in Peking University. I came across your blog while trying to find an email add of Estee Lauder HR. The Estee Lauder GIM Programme you took part in earlier has begun its new round of intern recruitment and I’d like to apply. Problem now is that as I am studying overseas, I can’t submit my application through local universities career portals. I am currently unable to get hold of an email of the HR in charge of internship recruitment so I am hoping that perhaps you could help me out on this? If you know the person of contact that takes charge of intern recruitment, could you kindly pass me his/her email add? I know we are not acquainted in any ways but I really hope that you can lend a helping hand! Took time to browse through your site and one of your 2013 new year resolution is to help others! I anticipate your reply and thank you for reading this! :D

    Thank you and have a great day!


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